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Website Development


The design of a company’s website is crucial in today’s business environment. A website can often be the first interaction a customer has with your business. A website is an extension of your brand and establishes an Online presence for your company. Tier 1 SEO, LLC creates fresh, simple, search friendly websites designed for maximum marketability and performance. Our staff works with you to achieve the design and function your business requires.



Tier 1 SEO can create custom websites from scratch, modify templates, and or update existing websites. In the 21st Century, websites need to be created with the end user in mind. Our team can generate an exceptional experience for your customers across all platforms to include mobile, tablet, and desktop environments.


At Tier 1 SEO, we offer competitive custom web solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of your business. If you have any questions about our web design services and how we may help you succeed Online, contact our office at 813.784.2327 to speak with a member of our Web Design Team.

Website Design in Tampa, Florida

Tampa Web Design


At Tier 1 SEO, we specialize crafting custom Online solutions for small businesses in the Tampa Bay market. We know the marketing landscape well and can help your company achieve results and maximize ROI. Our dedicated web designers are eager to assist you with your web design needs in Tampa.

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Web Design in Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte Website Design


Do you have a business in the Charlotte Metro Area? Are you searching for a Design Firm to build a custom web solution for your company? If so, look no further than Tier 1 SEO. We have been working for clients in Charlotte since 2009 and delivered high quality websites that are focused on performance.

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Pre-Engineered Website Templates


Small Businesses and Start Ups with limited budgets and the need to get their companies on the Web quickly may wish to choose from one of our Template Based website options. This is a good choice for clients just starting out, but can also be useful for established small businesses or non-profits. Our Website Templates start as five page layouts, but can be modified or expanded from the start or in the future as your company presence grows Online. All colors, content, and imagery can be amended to create that custom look your business requires. Template-Based Websites are not just good choices for clients with minimal budgets or expedited requirements. Larger companies can also benefit from our template based websites. This choice is often popular when clients are unsure of or uninterested in have a custom design created specifically for their company’s unique needs. Additional products or services can be selected to enhance each template and to deliver expanded customization if desired. All of our templates are cross browser compatible and designed to help your business compete on the Web.


Website Design FAQ


Q1:  How much will it cost to have a website designed or developed for my company?


A1:  Website Design and Development costs vary from project to project. Several factors will determine the exact cost, including but not limited to;  Size and Scope of Development Project, Number of Pages Needed, Amount of Client Involvement or Input, Amount of Content Provided by Client or Created by Us, Time Scale of Project, and much more.


We offer Pre-Developed Templates for small businesses that prefer limited customization and quicker completion times. These template based websites start at $799.00. This is an excellent option for companies just starting out on the web and or those that need a smaller number of total pages within their site.


Q2:  How long will it take to prepare and launch my website on The-World-Wide-Web?


A2:  The answer to this question depends on the type of website you choose. If you select one of our Pre-Built Template Options, it normally can be built and launched within a week if the client knows exactly what they want and have all content, images, graphics, color options selected, and are ready for our design team to begin. If the client is unsure of color schemes, does not have previously developed content, no images or graphics, and is undecided about which template style they prefer, then development of the site will take longer to complete.


Custom Designs, On Site Photography/Videography, Content Creation, Graphics and or Logo Designs, Large Scale Projects, and Repeat Client Consultations could cause development of Custom Websites to take quite a bit longer to complete than websites based on one of our unique templates. We advise all potential clients to focus on gathering and preparing all information, images, videos, graphics, and detailed information needed and to have this content ready for our design team when construction of your website begins. Don't worry if you do not have it all, quite often some of this content has to be created  by us during the development phase. What is important, is that you provide us with as much information and specific instruction on what exactly you want and what is needed to complete this project. Proper client preparation and decision making prior to beginning a web development project, speeds up the process, eliminates downtime, and ensures that our team fulfills your vision and provides the exact product needed for your company.


Q3:  Will my Website be backed up and what happens to all my content and files once the website is launched?


A3:  There are many options available to back up your website. Cloud based systems are a good choice to remotely backup your site data. Once your website is launched, we provide you with a backup copy of all files, images, graphics, and content utilized in your project as well as the html, css, and xml sitemap generated during the development of your site. This information is normally loaded onto a thumb drive and presented to the client shortly after the launch of the website.


Q4:  Where do you offer Photographic and Video Service options for Websites?


A4:  Currently, we only provide Photographic and Video Service options in the Metro Areas of Tampa Bay and Charlotte, North Carolina. These services provide a great alternative to stock photography. Utilizing your own imagery and video can help build trust with site visitors and enhance brand awareness. Unique imagery and or video can help your website stand out amongst the many competitors to your business Online. If your company is located within the Tampa Bay or Charlotte market, ask our staff about how our photographic and video services may be of help to your business or brand.