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Managed Web Hosting


Website Hosting Services are the backbone of your company’s website. Great websites are useless without the proper hosting plan structured to fit the exact needs of your company. Tier 1 SEO offers excellent active hosting options specifically tailored to reduce the stress of managing your website on your own or having to hire additional personnel to upload or add content. Our company's hosting options differ from the many low budget hosting providers currently in the web hosting industry. Our hosting packages focus on managed hosting options. Managed hosting provides annual hosting services and periodic site maintenance to keep your site’s content up to date and accurate. Maintaining your website’s information through our managed hosting options reduces costs for standard site updates throughout the lifecycle of your website. Examples of items contained in site maintenance include: Basic Company Information, Change of Business Address, Adding/Subtracting Alternate Locations, and Updating/Adding/ Removing limited promotional content. The merging of hosting and site maintenance can reduce or even eliminate future hourly charges for basic common updates in the future.  Which hosting option is best for your business? Generally speaking, the more complex your site is or the more capabilities needed, the higher the requirement for a more robust hosting and maintenance option. Our team will thoroughly explain the options available to ensure your company's Online requirements are met. Tier 1 SEO, LLC is focused on providing custom targeted solutions for your business needs.


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Reliable Web Hosting Servers

Reliable Web Hosting


Our hosting services feature a 99.9% Up-Time and all website files are stored on Dell high performance servers located in two separate locations. Each location is backed up by UPS and diesel generator power to ensure your site remains up and running reliably even during times of power outages.

Website and Email Setup and Configuration Services for Small Businesses

Business Solutions and Support


Managed Web Hosting Services provide a hassle free Online experience to our clients. Our tech support team will ensure that your website and email are set up correctly and will provide peace of mind knowing that we are here for you to solve any potential tech issues that may develop in the future.

Managed Website Hosting FAQ


Q1:  How much will Managed Web Hosting cost for my business?


A1:  Managed Web Hosting costs will vary depending on the size and scope of services required. Bandwidth, Number of E-Mail accounts, Frequency and Amount of updates or changes required, and Degree of Technical Support needed all affect pricing. if you only need a few emails for employees and your website is small and will only require minor updates a couple of times a year, then the cost can be quite low. If however, your website requires much more support, then the cost will be more.


We offer several Manged Hosting options with varying degrees of support design to fit companies of all sizes and budgets. Hosting options start as low as $180.00 per year and increase accordingly depending on the needs of each client. We eliminate to stress of managing your website so you can stay focused on your business.


Q2:  If a have multiple versions of my website (i.e. Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile) will my Managed Hosting Plan cost more?


A2:  Yes, as stated above, the more content that has to be modified or updated, the more managed hosting will cost. As an example, if you have three separate versions of your website (desktop, tablet, and mobile) and you want to modify an image gallery by adding or replacing images, then our staff will most likely have to generate and or resize each image to fit within the parameters of each version of your website and optimize each image as well to meet necessary SEO objectives. The workload by our staff would triple to accomplish this task and will require more time to complete therefore increasing the cost of your managed hosting plan. This assumes each site version contains nearly identical content. If however, the mobile or tablet versions are not identical to the desktop site, contain less content, and require minimal maintenance, then costs could be closer to that of traditional desktop only versions.


Q3:  Can I personally make changes to the content of the website myself?


A3:  The answer to this question is it depends. It depends on what program we use to develop your website. We have web design programs that can allow remote access via a dedicated login page after site launch, which could give you the ability to modify text and swap imagery but not allow any major structural changes to individual pages. However, we strongly discourage this practice due to the potential for unintended mishaps or problems. The best option for updating or changing information, graphics, and or images, is to contact our staff and have us perform the changes for you. This ensures that the process is done correctly and no harm is caused to your website. Site changes are normally completed within 24 to 48 hours after we have been notified of the desired updates. We also discourage clients from attempting to make any changes within the hosting platform itself. Lack of knowledge of and experience with working within the C-Panel could result in creating major problems and could even result in deletion of specific files or even the entire website. If certain parameters are inadvertently changed or modified, significant security issues could develop and leave your website vulnerable to attack. Any problems that may arise during attempts to make modifications, updates, or changes by you or your employees will have to be corrected by us resulting in additional costs for your business.


Q4:  Why should I host my website with Tier 1 SEO?


A4:  At Tier 1 SEO, we understand that small business owners are busy running their companies and don’t have the time and often the personnel to setup and maintain a website on traditional hosting platforms. Relying on us for the setup, configuration, and maintenance of your website, email, and domain insures that you or your employees won’t be dealing with extra responsibilities and duties regarding your presence on the internet and instead will be able to focus on operating your business.


Additionally, all websites hosted with us include up to $200 in advertising credits for marketing your company on the internet with Google, Yahoo/Bing, and Facebook. At the completion of each project, our clients are also given a general overview of what we’ve done for them and how files are distributed on the server and why. Our goal is to attempt to educate each client about their website, hosting, and marketing plans in efforts to help them better understand our services and how these services are designed to help them succeed Online and grow their business.