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Internet Marketing



Paid Search Campaigns


Pay Per Click advertising can provide targeted exposure for your company on major search systems such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Search Engine Marketing allows businesses to achieve 1st page ad placement even in ultra-competitive markets. Paid search campaigns can be structured to geo target specific cities, states, countries, continents, or tailored to target multiple specified areas. First page placement of ads in these search systems can be achieved, but will depend on several factors. Some factors to be considered are: Correct Selection of Keywords & Phrases, Properly Tailored Ad Copy, Adequate Ad Budget, Effective Website SEO, and much more. PPC Ads typically appear on the right side or at the top of a search results page. These ads are shown due to relevancy to the keyword or words typed into the search box. The order of placement of ads shown is determined by a combination of two main factors. These two factors essentially are, the highest bid for the specific keywords or terms searched and the relevancy of your landing page content. SEM campaigns require ongoing and continued maintenance. Keyword bids must be monitored and updated as needed to maintain adequate bids to compete for desired page placement in search results. Also, from time to time, your business may want specific ads to run at specific times. Examples of these targeted ads could be Christmas Sales, New Product Launches, or to Promote Special Events. Paid Search is an effective tool to improve sales and reduce costs associated with more traditional advertising.


Our SEM Program


Tier 1 SEO’s Search Engine Marketing Program is design to increase qualified web traffic to your company through maximizing managed available pay per click options. Our staff will work diligently to help your company achieve ad placement within the top five ad positions on the first page of search results. Internet Marketing is a great tool to help businesses new to the web and or existing companies Online to achieve quick results and attract new customers. Employing advertising campaigns utilizing PPC marketing is an important tool often used by small businesses initially to supplement additional marketing endeavors while waiting for SEO initiatives to produce results. Most organizations continue to run search marketing campaigns and incorporate them into their standard marketing strategy after experiencing higher visitor traffic to their website, increased sales, and greater ROI (Return On Investment).

Targeted Internet Marketing Solutuions

Targeted Marketing Solutions


We evaluate the needs of each client and advise on the preferred solutions to achieve desired outcomes. We recognize that not every ad campaign will perform as needed in all markets. Therefore, we recommend GEO Targeting specific areas such as states, cities, or metro areas to maximize results.

Performance Driven Online Advertising Designed to Improve ROI

Performance Driven Advertising


Our approach to Internet Marketing is simple. We research, create, and test repeatedly ensuring each ad is tailored toward performing at optimal levels. We use analytics to verify activity and seek for areas for improvement. Proper ad testing is crucial in developing engaging ads that drive sales and web traffic.

Search Engine Marketing FAQ


Q1:  How much will Search Engine Marketing cost my business?


A1:  The answer to this question will vary from company to company and depends on several key factors such as, competitive nature of keywords desired, targeted location of ad campaigns, client budget, relevancy of ad to content delivered, level of landing page optimization and user experience, activation of day parting vs. continual serving of ads, and much more. To accurately answer this question, our staff can evaluate your Online marketing desires and research existing competition in the marketplace to develop a realistic strategy and budget to enable your business to compete in the area or areas you would intend to market your company, products, and or services. This process is crucial in determining the actual cost required to effectively compete on the Internet.


Q2:  How long does it take to get up and running with Search Engine Marketing?



Q3:  Where will my ads show and what will they look like?


A3:  There are generally two categories of advertising on the Internet. They are text based ads and display ads. Text based ads are, as the name implies, textual in nature and commonly located on the left hand side of SERPs and sometimes even located at the top of the page prior to the generic search listings. This type of ad can be very effective and is by far the most popular form of advertising Online. Display advertising can be either a graphic, photo, or video based advertisement and this type of ad frequently displays on websites or blogs. This type of advertising can be effective if able to grab and capture the attention of the viewer.


Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing generally have some version of these two ad types and offer the ability to specify where you want to advertise, specifically on what type of network, with the search engine only, or if you wish to include your ads on partner sites as well. The diversity of options available allow for huge potential to reach new clients or customers across various platforms on the web. Additionally, advertising options are available on many social networks and offer a great opportunity to reach new and existing customers where they spend large amounts of their time, further enhancing the potential to increase sales and grow your business. Advertising opportunities exist on social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.


Q4:  Which search engine is the best to advertise on?


A4:  This totally depends, to some extent, on the search habits of the potential and current customers of your business. While it’s generally accepted that Google is the dominant search provider and therefore the largest advertising platform available for companies on the web, that doesn’t guarantee that your customers will see your ads. If they prefer Bing or Yahoo, then marketing there makes a lot of sense too.


We do recommend advertising on Google, but also believe in the importance of trying to reach customers across multiple platforms. This insures greater ad reach and better chances of success and growth Online. Advertising costs may also vary between search providers and conversion rates may differ significantly. Continued testing and refinement of ad types is required to reach predetermined performance objectives.