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Why We Optimize Websites



Search Engine Optimization


Our SEO services are designed with the emphasis on enabling our client’s websites to be discovered, read, and interpreted by search engines each time a targeted search is performed. Search engines utilize advanced algorithms to search, interpret, and categorize websites containing information deemed useful and relevant to the end users search query. These algorithms are constantly changing, and therefore, SEO practices must be updated as well to ensure and maintain optimal performance objectives. Tier 1 SEO can inspect and configure your website's code to assist search bots when crawling your site. Our staff can develop specific strategies designed to promote your products and services. Some examples of services available include; research and development of targeted keyword lists, optimization of meta tags, inclusion of alt text for site imagery, development of keyword rich unique content, proper application of Header and Paragraph tags for text content, link building, installation and monitoring of analytics to track website performance, sitemap creation and submittal, reduction of file sizes to decrease page load times, creation and or modification of company information in local and national directories, and much more.


The main factor to consider when focusing on achieving favorable rankings in search results is relevancy. The more “Relevant” your website is, the more likely, it will achieve the desired position on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). The factors that determine relevancy to search engines can and does change. This means that to properly optimize a website, to achieve relevancy, and to remain relevant in the future, websites must be continually maintained and updated. Both on-page and off-page SEO must be performed to remain competitive in today’s on-line business landscape. Through one on one consultations with each client, we develop targeted strategies to enable their company to achieve desired outcomes on the World-Wide-Web.


Tier 1 SEO offers many options for Search Engine Optimization. Our team can do as little or as much as required to achieve your company’s desired results. We offer programs for the initial optimization of new or existing websites and long term SEO services for businesses with the need to consistently improve or maintain specific search rankings and or may be located in highly competitive markets.


Our SEO Services


Tier 1 SEO’s Search Engine Optimization Services are design to increase your website’s position and relevancy in organic search. Our staff will discuss options available and recommend corrective actions designed to improve positioning in search results on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. We also inform each client of the benefits of Social Media and how in the 21st century the lines between SEO and SMO have blurred. Social media platforms can be a useful tool when conducting off-page SEO efforts and can be used to promote content from your website effectively and in turn drive more potential customers to your business. Mobile devices and the appearance/functionality of your website are also a focus of our seo efforts due to the growing use of mobile devices. If you would like to learn more about how we may help you achieve your goals Online, contact us today at 813.784.2327 to schedule a complementary SEO consultation for your business.

Search Engine Optimization Solutuions for Small Business Websites

SEO Got You Puzzled?


No worries, Tier 1 SEO has you covered. Our experience optimizing websites for the construction, financial, insurance, automotive, entertainment, medical, and tech industries as well as our work with non-profit organizations has given us the knowledge and skills to help your business succeed on the web.

Link Building Services

Search Optimization That Works


We believe in building our services upon a strong foundation. That's why we focus so much attention on the importance of proper site structure. We evaluate each component of your site and optimize for maximum effectiveness. Our team employs current best practices and continually tests for future changes.

Search Engine Optimization FAQ


Q1:  How much does Search Engine Optimization cost?


A1:  The cost of SEO Services varies depending on several factors such as; Type of Optimization (one time vs. ongoing vs. retainer), amount of pages or content that requires SEO (full website vs. individual products or services), On-Page vs. Off-Page (or both), Size and Scope of Project, and more. Be wary of any company that quotes a flat fee for SEO work. It is not possible to quote a “Flat Rate” for services, when the firm quoting the price has no idea of the scope of work and or any specific details about your website, company, and Online goals. Specific and detailed analysis must be performed to evaluate the exact needs of your business and the competitive landscape of your industry and your geo location and current competition must be evaluated before delivering a realistic and honest quote for SEO Services.


We take pride in the fact that our quotes are research driven and accurate for actual work performed by actual people, not a bogus rate for automated actions that don’t work or do not produce tangible results.


Q2:  Does Tier 1 SEO guarantee placement or positioning in SERPs?


A2:  No, We do not guarantee specific placement or positioning in SERPs. No legitimate SEO firm or Marketing Agency guarantees positioning in SERPs. I know, you heard on the radio or some salesman called your office on the phone and promised to get your company to position one page one in Google. Well, sorry, but it’s not possible for them to do so, especially with little or no information about your business, your competitors, your budget, your website, your products and services, and a lot more information they do not know. It can be very difficult, if not impossible, to achieve position one page one on Google, Bing, and or Yahoo if you are in an ultra-competitive market and competing against companies with way more time on the web and tons more money to spend. Smaller companies can compete with bigger businesses, but it is not easy, and requires the development of a focused SEO strategy and setting achievable goals on the web.


Q3:  How long will it take to achieve the maximum benefit of SEO Services and to see actual results?


A3:  The answer to this question varies. Once your website has been optimized it’s up to the Search Engines at that point. You have to wait for the bots to crawl your website and for the search engines to re-index the updated pages of your site. This could take days, weeks, or even months depending on the popularity of your website. We can notify the various search systems of the updates to your website by reloading your sitemap, but again it’s up to Google, Bing, and Yahoo as to when they crawl your site and notice the changes made. It may then take time for you to benefit from such changes. But, it will happen, just probably not a quickly as you would like. SEO actions generally do not produce immediate results, but rather grow over time. This is how you gain momentum Online, one small step at a time.


Q4:  My website was optimized when it launched several years ago. Why do I need to hire someone else to optimize it again now?